We take care of your bookkeeping. Our team is experienced in Sage, Surfaccounts, QuickBooks & Xero, but we can also work with other bookkeeping software or online platforms.

We do your bookkeeping from our offices or we come to your place of business to do the work.

Whether you're looking for 1 hour, 1 day or more of bookkeeping a month, we can handle it. We work at a fixed hourly rate and will show you a monthly overview of the hours we worked for you.


With the payroll modernisation, it is important now to do payroll each time you pay the wages.

We use Thesaurus Payroll and we handle everything for you. Whether you have a weekly, fortnightly or monthly payroll, you just have to send us the hours or wages per employee and we take care of it.

Payslips can be emailed to your employees, yourself or can be printed and posted for you.

Depending on the number of employees you have, we work with a flat rate to do your payroll.


Business Administration is more than keeping track of invoices, purchases and expenses. Loads of paperwork is involved in a business. Think about insurances (car, van, fleet, liability, etc.), revenue correspondence, marketing, etc.

We keep track and on top of everything and can negotiate on your behalf with insurance companies, the revenue, graphic designers, newspapers, magazines, etc. You decide but we do the legwork for you.

All documents are filed for you and ready to be used by u.


Don't have the time to answer all calls yourself or you don't want to miss a call? With our state-of-the-art phone system, we can answer your calls for you. 

We take a message and inform you by email or text message about the call, so that you can return the call when it suits you.

If someone calls after hours, during weekends or bank holidays, your caller can leave a message on a voicemail and you will be informed by email with the voicemail message attached to the email.


As a business owner, you're good at what you do. But running a business can sometimes be challenging. A lot of things are going on and you have to deal with a lot. Not necessarily you're confident enough how to do it.

As experienced coaches, we guide you through it and help you develop those necessary skills so that you will be confident enough to do it yourself.

Our coaching is based on experience with different business we helped starting up and make it though their first couple of years. But we also helped long-established businesses to grow their business.


While you do your work, organise your staff and grow your business, we look after the general, daily, management of your business. We deal with all aspects of running your business. We keep track of your administration, deal with staff, customers, suppliers, etc. 

As managers, we don't necessarily need to do your bookkeeping, payroll or other tasks in your business. If you have that all already established, we will work with what's in place. We act as your business manager or office manager and make everything run smoothly.


Cash flow is important in every business. Getting paid in time can make a huge difference in your business.

We keep track of all due invoices and make sure that you get paid in time. By keeping in touch with your customers and make sure that payments are processed in time.

A friendly reminder often triggers a payment. We're that friendly reminder, that friendly voice on the phone from the accounts department. By taking care of the money, we take care of your business.


Thinking of setting up your limited company or changing from sole trader to limited company?

We assist you through the process and make sure everything runs smoothly. We register you with the revenue and make sure that your business has a kickstart.




With over 10 years of experience in construction project management and after running a Project Managements company abroad, we have the knowledge and expertise to smoothly run your construction or renovation projects. Contact us to discuss it in more detail.


We keep an eye on purchases, invoicing, labour costs & sub-constractors from a financial point of view and keep you updated on the profit your making on a job. Extras or works not done on a project, we will make a note of it and update the financial managements plan, so that you know where you are at the end of the job.


We can make your professional quotes and invoices and send them directly to your customers or to you, so that you can hand them over personally.